Charlotte Dawson is taken aback by the possibility of diabetes.


Charlotte Dawson is taken aback by the possibility of diabetes.

Charlotte Dawson (28) updates her fans on some distressing news! The former Ex on the Beach contestant and her fiancé Matthew Sarsfield welcomed a son in January. However, the British woman’s additional circumstances were complicated: she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Indeed, the reality television star believed that the sickness would have no effect on her following the birth. However, Charlotte now faces another threat to her health: she is suspected of having type 2 diabetes.


The 28-year-old now shares an emotional video on Instagram about her latest doctor appointment. “Basically, I was told that I could have type 2 diabetes if I don’t get my diet in order,” she confesses in tears. Charlotte stated that if she did not make significant adjustments to her eating habits, she would be required to receive regular insulin injections due to her low blood sugar. “Me and Matthew just cried and cried,” the Brit candidly says.


Les Dawson, her father, was already diabetic. He was killed in a car accident while his daughter was only eight months old. Charlotte’s mother, on the other hand, was just diagnosed with the condition. Needless to say, these situations alarm physicians greatly. “They’ve said they have to keep an eye on me because of my family history and everything else,” the 28-year-old reveals.


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