Xbox-Familie Einstellungen App: Mehr Konsolensteuerung für Eltern.


Parents can also use the app to view their children’s friend lists and are asked for permission before each friend request.

Content filters also give parents precise control over what games their children are allowed to play.

A separate account can be created for each child.

The Xbox Family Settings App can be downloaded for free.

It is available for iOS and Android.

Xbox should become more family-friendly.

Microsoft has released the Xbox Family Settings App after several months of testing.

The application allows parents to closely monitor and control their children’s console activity.

Parents can, for example, set how much playtime should be available to children.

For example, parents can use the Xbox Family Settings app to control exactly how much time children should spend on the Xbox console.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

The app is a new chapter in Microsoft’s efforts to make the Xbox console more family-friendly.

Last fall, Microsoft introduced chat filters for Xbox Live, which can be used to filter strong language in chat messages.

The Xbox Family Settings app will appear shortly before the release of a new Xbox game console.

Xbox series X and S are scheduled for release on 10.

November to be released.

Microsoft has been accepting pre-orders for a few days now – but the new console, like the Playstation 5, was sold out within a short time.



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