Teamviewer wird für den Finanzinvestor Permira zu einem immer besseren Geschäft.


Strong growth

The software provider Teamviewer is becoming an ever better business for the financial investor Permira.

Just over a year after its IPO and two placements in March and May, Permira sold additional shares in the night from Monday to Tuesday, quickly raising one billion euros.

As a winner of the Coronica Crisis and with a successful IPO, Teamviewer is showing itself from its best side – much to the delight of investor Permira.

In the largest German tech IPO since the bursting of the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium, the investor raised 2.2 billion euros.

In addition, the financial investor took advantage of the rise in the share price this year to place three shares.

The company Teamviewer recorded constant growth over the year and is thus one of the winners of the Corona crisis.

The Göppingen-based company benefits from high demand for remote maintenance and home office software.

As a result, the proceeds from the sale of shares through the IPO and thereafter totaled just over 4.8 billion euros.

In addition, the 28 percent share package that Permira still holds is currently worth around 2.5 billion euros.

Permira only bought Teamviewer in 2014 for around 870 million euros and then went public in the fall of 2019.



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