Große US-Unternehmen fordern die Rückkehr Amerikas zum Pariser Klimaabkommen.


Amazon, Google, General Motors

U.S. corporations from various industries have called on the American Congress and the future president Joe Biden to cooperate closely on climate policy.

In an open letter on Wednesday, the companies declared their support for a return of the United States to the Paris climate agreement.

Amazon, Google, Walmart and some other large US companies appeal to the American Congress to rejoin the Paris climate agreement.

In 2015, the world community agreed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris to limit climate change to well below two degrees.

Under President Donald Trump, the USA was the only country to date to withdraw from the Paris Climate Pact.

Successor Biden will rejoin the agreement.

The initiative organized by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions involves 42 companies – from Amazon and Google to General Motors, JPMorgan Chase and Walmart.

According to their own statements, together they quickly have five million employees and generate annual sales of around three billion US dollars.



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