Die Haushalte in Deutschland geben mehr für Telekommunikation aus.


Private household spending on postal and telecommunications services has grown in recent years.

In 2019, the item reached an average of 65 euros per household per month, as a survey by the Federal Statistical Office shows.

Five years earlier, it had been 61 euros.

In 2019, households in Germany spent an average of EUR 65 per month on telecommunications and postal services on average per month in 2019.

That is more than five years ago.

The overall increased expenditure is not due to higher prices.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, prices for this group fell by 5.4 percent in the period under review.

General consumer prices, on the other hand, rose by 5.8 percent in the range.

For the largest item, the combined Internet and telephone flat rates, expenses fell by 3 to 24 euros.

People spent an average of EUR 20 on mobile phone charges, EUR 2 more than in 2014.

Citizens also paid more for devices and separate fixed network and telephone charges.

Expenditure on postal services remained constant at EUR 4 per month.



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